We are writing you on behalf of the Upsilon Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha.  Recently we have come across some parts of the House that are in need of updating. These updates include a true renewal of the dungeon.  Specifically, we would like to clean and resurface the floors, refurbish the pool table, purchase new barstools, fix lighting components, repaint the wall murals that have faded over time, and add a new surround-sound stereo system.  We are hoping to make this more of a place where brothers are willing to enjoy together.  Other changes we plan to make to the House include resurfacing the volleyball court, as well as replacing the fence around the backyard perimeter. The quality of the sand within the volleyball court has deteriorated through the years.  Likewise, another reason we are hoping to complete this project done is due to our recent pairing with the ladies of Tri Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha sororities comprising a co-educational volleyball team. It is a goal to be able to invite them to the House for practices.  We have recently updated our website, This came with the addition of a donations tab where all are welcome to donate any amount to the Chapter.  The current active brothers would greatly appreciate any and all donations that you are able to make These gifts will help push these changes forward and keep Pi Kappa Alpha one of the strongest fraternities on Auburn’s campus. If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact IMC David Stromquist by email at


Phi Phi,

The Brothers of Upsilon Chapter


House Address

840 West Magnolia Avenue

Auburn, AL, 36832


Current Projects


o   Deep clean Dungeon first

o   Fix Lights

o   Refelt/Repair pool table

o   Speakers

o   Repaint Murals

o   Repaint Dungeon/redo flooring

o   Chairs/Barstools

Volleyball Court

o   New Sand

o   New Court Surround


Completed Projects

o   New Cameras

o   New Access Control System

o   New LED lighting in halls

o   New Ceiling Tiles in Backhall

o   New Paint in Backhall

o   New Air Conditioners in Dungeon

Back Yard Fence

o   New Fencing

o   Add Gate